Automating Actions


Insights need to be actioned to deliver value. Our customers are realizing the benefits of insight through Automation and Integration. 

Enabling and embedding realtime interactions requires a complex combination of technologies and participants. Groundswell provides a suite of Integration and Automation Services including: API, Microservices, ESB, BPM and RPA.

Enterprise integration is about laying the foundation for business agility.


The tools "do too much"


Enterprise Integration does not come shrink wrapped. There is no one technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness of a business. Decisions need to be made."

Penn State
Advanced Enterprise Integration: Technology and Applications

Enterprise Integration

Managed Services

  • Supporting the Worlds Largest Tibco Implementation.
  • Delivering a Managed Integration Service for a large Telecommunications company.
  • Service Delivery for a National Retailer: Co-Sourced Integration.
  • Managed Services for a Leading Energy Producer.
  • Pooled Support services, BI and Integration.
  • Middleware services provider for Crown Corporation.

Competency Centers

  • Creating an Integration Competency Centre for a Major Energy Producer.


  • Retail platform continuity.
  • Delivery Optimization and Cost Reduction for a Major Retailer:
  • Integration services for multiple cities.

Processes and Workflow


  • BPM driven transformation for a Pension Fund.


  • Automated testing for Telecomm Integration Service
  • Timesheet entry automation for key clients


Groundswell has a comprehensive framework for develop application-centric Integration and Automation roadmaps. We have used and refined our approach across multiple organizations.

Our framework is based on a multi-consultant engagement model and industry standard best practices, maturity models and lifecycles including: SIM, SOA, BPM, API, DAMA. We bring citizen driven paradigms to traditional problems, leveraging new platforms to challenge the complexities and rigidity of ESB's and BPM solutions.


Our integration ecosystem

Partner ecosystems connect us to the forefront of technology and the thought leaders and early adopters who help drive it. Being in on the conversation gives us the knowledge and insights to help determine what the newest technology can do for you.

While we are agnostic regarding our clients’ technology purchases, we value partnering with the most accomplished and innovative companies in our business.