Employee driven

Groundswell has always been an employee-first organization. Besides being a great “buzzword”, this statement guides our decision making. Our employees demonstrate their attitude, aptitude and character through dependable, proactive and relationship focused service.

We enable our clients to realize their potential through our valued, diverse, enthusiastic team.


Diversity is our Strength

Today, many organizations realize the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce.  Diverse teams foster great ideas.  Collaborating and thinking through the lens of various backgrounds, cultures, viewpoints, experience and education expands the realm of possibilities.  

Creating a safe and open environment that encourages sharing our differences and similarities helps each of us to appreciate the talent and potential in others and ourselves. 

Continuously breaking down barriers to build up talent and opportunities is fundamental to sustaining a diverse workforce. At Groundswell, we saw the value in creating a diverse culture and an inclusive recruitment practices way before it was “cool”. 


international recruitment

Through strategic, intentional recruitment, creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is not difficult.  Country borders, cultures and communication are no longer barriers to accessing talent.  Additionally, tapping into our own diverse community for referrals is a no brainer; good people know good people. 

Accessing government programs and understanding legislation that provide avenues to hire international talent make it straightforward to bring in global candidates.

At Groundswell, our people and their unique mosaic of life experiences create a culture we both honour and celebrate.



Groundswell provides a culturally diverse and supportive work environment, with access to leading edge technologies, career-enhancing training, and the opportunity to work with some of the biggest and most innovative corporations in Western Canada.

We are always looking for people who understand the power of collaboration, integrating with colleagues and the customers we serve together. If you are seeking to be part of an organization where career growth is fostered and talent recognized; Groundswell Group may be the place for you!

Whether you are interested in helping our clients build the world of tomorrow through our Project Services or helping our clients maximize the value of their current production assets through our Support & Maintenance Services we have a role and a career for you.


EMployee testimonials


The degree of loyalty from Groundswell to its employees is unbelievable. My personal growth is extremely important to my manager and there’s a regard for people’s welfare here that I’ve never experienced before at a company of this size."

Groundswell Employee since 2012


Groundswell is a company like no other. Working here, you feel you are not just an employee but a valued member of a team. Voice your opinion and trust that your input will be welcomed; share your experience and learn from others; lend a hand to a colleague knowing help will always be there when you need it. In this company, we work as a team to succeed as a company."

Groundswell Employee since 2015

Sponsored to Canada

Since the beginning, I have always had the feeling of working as part of a family. I still remember my first talks with Darren and Morgan, the founding partners, when we were talking about the potential opportunity of a job offer. During the entire process I always had their support, even though it took us (me and my family) about eight months to arrive here in Canada. I really enjoy working for this great family that it is Groundswell."

Groundswell employee since 2009


What makes Canada hit the top of the list for the best place to live is its diverse welcoming culture. It is rich not because of the economy, it is rich with cultures and its air is a mix of aroma spices from around the world. Groundswell is a mini version of Canada."

Groundswell employee since 2016

Career Starter

Between the latitude offered to pursue things that interest me, a very generous training budget that enables my technical growth, leadership training that in other organizations is reserved for VPs (but is offered to every single employee at Groundswell), and managers that encourage out-of-the-box thinking that help our clients, I have been given a huge toolbox that allows me to take control of my own professional destiny."

Groundswell employee since 2016