Groundswell Today

  • 180+ full-time employees

  • Offices in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver

  • Western Canada's largest and most experienced teams in Analytics and Integration

  • Partnerships with over 25 major technology vendors


Sister companies

As Groundswell grows, so do the needs of our customers, with requests to deliver on ever larger outcomes. To meet these demands, Groundswell has a network of sister companies, joined through executive ownership and service agreements. They allow us to offer our clients a broad range of services, front-ended with local execution. Our sister companies are:


History of Groundswell


In 2001, founders Morgan Arndt and Darren Sartison saw a growing demand for expertise in the emerging field of Enterprise Application Integration, and Groundswell was born. We became TIBCO’s first partner in Canada and a founding member of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Consortium that year.

Over the next fifteen years, as EAI gradually evolved into today’s Data Integration and Business Intelligence community, we grew along with it. Our focus has served us well. Today, we offer the long-term assurance of a managed service provider, the wisdom and insights of a seasoned consulting firm, and deep technical expertise that’s been the hallmark our business since 2001.



Darren Sartison
Partner, President

Morgan Arndt
Partner, Chief Operations Officer

Adrian Hull
Partner, Vice President, BC Operations

Marianne Divjak
Vice President, Corporate Service

Dan McCleary
Vice President, Practice & Project Delivery